Cannabis for a brave new world.

No expectations. Just possibilities. 
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What’s around that corner?
Where does that road go?
How can a new experience change perceptions?

Curiosity is 
the catalyst for discovery 
and growth.

And hey, we like that. 
Symbl is about creating something special in a very real way, shaking things up and exploring the unexpected.

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Dried flower and cannabis oils designed to match up with your own personal tastes, wants and everything in between.

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  • Yes, if you're 19 or older (18 if you're in Alberta), you are legally allowed to purchase, grow, and use limited quantities of cannabis. In public, you're allowed to carry up to 30g of dried cannabis (or its equivalent) in a public space. If you’re caught in public with more than 30g, you can face criminal charges depending on the circumstances.

  • No. It's illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis. Police officers have the authority to administer mandatory breathalyzer and oral fluid testing, and impose steeper fines, penalties and sentences if you are found driving under the influence.

  • Not so fast. As noted in our 
    Terms and Conditions, nothing on this website is legal advice. If you want to be sure of your rights in a given situation involving cannabis, please contact legal counsel.

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